Flame Retardant Olefinic Cable Compounds


About us

The European Association of Producers of Flame Retardant Olefinic Cable Compounds (“FROCC”) is a trade Association. The principal aim is to form an effective voice to promote the use of fire retardant halogen free compounds in cable applications. FROCC currently has seven members who are market leaders in the development and manufacture of halogen free flame retardant cable compounds.

The Association is governed and operated by the members and an executive committee. The members have ultimate full authority and responsibility to determine overall policies, objectives, procedures, methods and actions of the Association.

The objectives of the Association are to:

Share non-confidential market information gathered from the media, Internet, industry publications, personal contacts, conferences, exhibitions, other associations, standard organisations, and regulatory authorities, etc. The members expressly agree that such shared information shall not include business secrets or other confidential information;

Promote the use of Halogen Free Compounds, both by marketing in the relevant territories/sectors, and in lobbying the relevant regulatory authorities. Promotional activities may include, setting up a website with links to the sites of members, sponsoring conferences, publishing research and development results in trade journals, at conferences, and/or at road shows, advertising efforts, organising targeted mailings and press releases.

Conduct joint research on the properties and merits of Halogen Free Compounds with the aim of reducing individual members´ costs. Publication of the results of such research shall be carried out in accordance with the rules of the Association.

Collaborate with like-minded associations, industry groups and partners. The Association may enter into co-operative agreements with individual partners who may include other associations, cable producers, suppliers of additives and suppliers of processing equipment.