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SACO AEI Polymers is part of a global conglomerate of companies owned by AESSE Investments, Ltd. The polymer side of the group has locations in Europe, North America, South East Asia, China and India. Together these companies synergistically service the polymer industry by developing, manufacturing and delivering a full range of Thermoplastic & Thermoset Compounds, Additives and Masterbatches for the Wire & Cable, Pipe & Fittings, Building & Construction, Electrical & Electronics, Film & Sheet, and Speciality Markets. Through a consultative approach, our customers can leverage our equipment, processing expertise and formulating expertise to bring their formulations to the market.

The company prides itself on the processes that keep customers proprietary information confidential, the quality of products we make and the level of attention that we give to each individual customer. Our long history of custom formulating for unique applications has helped fuel our growth in commercially available products, which are built on PP, PE, PU, PA, PS, EPDM, EPR and TPE resins. Our expertise also extends into Non-Halogenated and Halogenated Flame Retardants, Synergists and Smoke Suppressants for the development of compounds that meet new and evolving industry standards.

At SACO AEI Polymers, our dedication and investment in research and development has resulted in the fastest go-to-market solutions for our customers. Our Global R&D Facilities are customer responsive, with outstanding formulation chemists, and extensive analytical laboratory capabilities. Our formulations are validated by real life application testing. SACO AEI Polymers, delivering exceptional technical performance. That is the essence of our brand.




For over 50 years, Borealis has been a leading provider of polyolefin compounds for the global wire and cable industry. Its large portfolio of products and services is based on unique and proprietary technologies that create real value for customers and enable step-change innovations. A broad range of sophisticated extra-high, high and medium voltage cable applications as well as semi-conductive products are made possible by Borealis’ BorlinkTM technology. Borealis’ VisicoTM/AmbicatTM technology is used in low voltage energy transmission and distribution cable solutions, where it helps extend the lifetime of cable systems. Capacitor film products are consistently and qualitatively enhanced by Borealis’ leading polypropylene (PP) material solutions.
VisicoTM flame retardant (FR) grades, focusing on halogen-free solutions, empower a safe and sustainable future. Borealis’ CasicoTM technology not only provides fit for purpose flame retardancy but also excellence in processing and cable installation. With a proven track record spanning over 20 years, Borealis has been supplying the automotive industry with FR solutions. In 2016, Borealis launched an extension to its FR portfolio with silane crosslinkable FR solutions for solar and industrial cables.  
Borealis and Borouge – bringing energy all around.


Condor Compounds


Condor Compounds is a privately-held company founded in 1982 and strategically located in Central Europe.

We are a diversified material science company using complementary technologies to serve the Wire & Cable Industry, the Construction Industry, the Pipe Industry and other markets consuming compounded modified plastics.

Condor Compounds   -   Competence in Compounds

Condor Compounds is running six Co- Kneader lines, two internal mixers Banbury-type, one with tangential rotor system, and one with intermeshing rotor system, and one twin screw extrusion line with a total capacity of about 50.000t/y - depending on portfolio.

The 2017 addition of further annually 5000t to Condor Compounds capacities of CONGuard® LSFOH compliant compounds as well is opening the door for further growth in a number of segments including PP, thermoplastic elastomer compounds, CONLink® silane or e-beam or CV-line cross-linkable compounds.

Condor Compounds CONGuard® compliant thermoplastic non-halogenated compounds are low-smoke and highly flame-retardant and will not emit corrosive gasses when burned. They are ideal for extrusion applications such as CPR compliant building wires and other halogen free cable constructions.

For more information, please contact Reinhard Deipenwisch, Marketing Manager Condor Compounds, tel. +49 531 21024-18, e-mail




Crosspolimeri is a private group of companies located in Italy and Switzerland.

Our experience in compounding starting from 1940’s during economical industries expansion with Emilio Tittarelli Industries(E.T.I.), later on(1970’s) sold to ENI group. Sala Baganza plant was founded in 1985 by Giorgio Tittarelli. Beginning of 2000 Mr. Giorgio Tittarelli founded CROSSPOLIMERI AG in Swizterland, actually managed by Fabio Tittarelli. Auserpolimeri company was founded in 2002 togheter with Marcucci’s family and Mr. Suffredini, expert in maleic anydride grafted polymers used as coupling agent, adhesion promoter, impact modifier. Nowadays our group is: Crosspolimeri SpA, Crosspolimeri AG and Eurocompound S.r.l. This last company expert in TPU compounding.

All the 3 companies belongs to Tittarelli’s family. Our capacity is around 50/60.000 tons per year, depending on orders. Portfolio and flexibility are the key words giving us opportunities to support our clients with customized solutions, expecially with the latest regulations everyday more and more stringent like EN 50399 CPR. Recently our group is supporting customers reaching interesting results for Halogen free materials with antidripping, white smoke realease solutions in order to meet the latest safety requirements in pubblic building.

Products range comply the following technical polymers: XLPE, XLEPR, PP ,TPU ,TPE-E,TPE-O,TPE-S,TPV,PA,TPC-ET,EPDM,EPR, NBR compounded with every additives necessary.

Crosspolimeri is present in every part of the world directly or throught distributor/agents.
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Melos is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber granules for sports and leisure surfaces. With our know how we develop individual solutions for various plastic applications as well as in the cable industry and many other sectors. Melos is a leading manufacturer in the field of cable compounds. We design formulations for a wide range of applications. Our up-to-date production lines enable us to make standard and customized compounds for our customers all over the world.