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To promote the use of fire retardant halogen free compounds in cable applications by means of promotional activity, basic research and collaboration between members and like minded industry groups such as trade associations and research organisations.

The purpose of this web-site is to place details of the association in the public domain and to provide a source of practical information for those involved in the manufacture and use of cables intended for installation within buildings or other enclosed environments.


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During the Falkland island war the British Navy experienced serious problems of combustion fume corrosivity, toxicity and visual impairment. There was an immediate need to address this problem and the result was the implementation of regulations concerning the combustion characteristics of materials used in warship construction.

As part of this exercise it was realised that the combustion of certain products is complex and gives rise to combustion fumes with the potential to exhibit heavy smoke, plus severe corrosivity, irritancy and toxicity. By excluding these products (containing Halogens) the potential scope of the combustion chemistry is reduced and the smoke toxicity characterised by a relatively limited analysis.

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